Member Testimonials

"I am SO thankful I found Courageous! My brother and I were considering putting our mom in a nursing home. She had fallen a few times and really needed more attention. Courageous provided us with a Caregiver Monday- Friday while my brother and I resumed our full time jobs. Mom doesn't have to resort to a nursing home, gets to stay at home, & in HER own home too!"

Janice D., Milledgeville, Ga

"My son became a paraplegic 3 years ago after involved in a motor vehicle collision. I was worried with the costly medical bills and the need for me to return to the work force to provide, would cause him to resort to a long-term care facility. I'm SO grateful I found Courageous, & that they helped me find a caregiver who could provide care 12 hours a day!"

Margaret M., Savannah, Ga

"I currently live & work in Tampa, FL. My father lives about 5 hours a way in middle Georgia. He refuses to relocate to live with me & doesn't feel he's ready for an assisted living home. Finding Courageous was an unanswered prayer that allows my Dad to be as independent as possible & gives me the assurance he's ok."

Jay K., Tampa, FL

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