Fees And Insurance

Fees, Cost, and Insurance

The discussion of FEES can be a sensitive topic.  
Fees are structured in two formats:  hourly cost or cost per project.

Cost of services are based on the following:

  • Region of State
  • Skill level required
  • Number of Hours
  • Type of Service needed

Insurance Coverage

Long Term Care Policies (Genworth, John Hancock, Met Life, Conseco, etc.)  Members request occasionally the consideration of Assignment of Benefits (AOB).   Our agency holds true to the philosophy of the Long Term Care Insurance companies that they prefer to address the reimbursement check to the policy holder.

VA Benefit:

Our staff can advise you how to file for this benefit.  Call so we can meet with you to walk you through this process!

Private Pay:

A Courageous representative will meet with the member/family to discuss the services and fees associated.

  • Weekly invoices are sent to members. We ask the payer to review the invoice and make the payment promptly in the envelope provided by Courageous.
  • Electronic Bank Check is an alternative to the use of a Bank Credit Card
  • Payment arrangements. We encourage all members/families to address financial obligations, with respect to the signed Service Agreement which indicates "on a weekly basis."

Home Care expense is tax deductible.