How to Get Started

When you call to inquire of our services, one of our staff will discover your needs and address your questions.

  1. Our Member Relations representative will assist you with interpreting your Long-Term Care Policy if necessary or will help determine the best schedule you or your loved one needs to remain safe and living independently for as long as possible.
  2. Our Member Relations representative will inform you about two documents necessary to sign before we can begin services. The Service Agreement is a contract of our responsibilities with each other i.e. our agency and you which is required by the HFR (Healthcare Facility Regulation). This Agreement can end at any time with a 30 day written notice. The signed Member Bill of Rights is our responsibility to inform you about your rights we are obligated to. Our Member Relations representative will indicate the next steps and the staff member who will facilitate services.
  3. The Staffing Coordinator will call to introduce themselves and inform the name of the agency caregiver who will arrive at the appointed time to serve.
  4. Our Nurse manager will call to set an in-home visit. She will complete a Care Plan along with the wishes of the family. The Care Plan directs our staff to effectively serve our client.
  5. The Agency Caregiver will arrive and will adhere strictly to the content of the Care Plan developed by the Nurse Manager.